Apostle & Mrs. Agyemang.

The Man With the Plan of God


This Jesus Power Ministries Int’l, which is now planted in Norway, started many years ago. It all started with a prayer group in November 3rd 2007,
this includes my family and other dedicated wonderful friends and famililes.

The birth of this ministry began when the founder, Joseph Agyemang heard a distintive voice from God in that faithful day at the prayer meeting. His family and those that they usually pray together were also present at the meeting.

I heard the voice saying, you and your family, “start for me a movement that will deliver my people from curses, bondages, yokes, burdens and the cries of men and women through my living word “the Bible”. Also continue to prayer for this world. Says the Lord of host”.

I knew it was God’s voice and at the same time, I was a bit worried considering the language barrier in a foreign Land and not to mention alone, all the daily struggles in Norway. However, I summed up the courage and said to myself, “If God is for us, who can be against us” Romans 8:31.

I wasted no time, for I went into prayers with the group. We were not more than eleven (11) people as at then. Within a few months, the congregation grew amazingly to a considerable size of a Church and we were overwhelmed with joy. We saw the hand of God and his anionting upon our lives.

However, this prompted me and my

wife, including all the brothers, sisters, children, mothers and fathers of whom their commitment and dedication to service remain unquenchable today. What a wonderful people of God. may the good Lord continue to bless them in all their ways.

In no time, we began to seek God’s face to start a Divine service and I was in consultation with the congregants to start Sunday Divine and worship service and We were meeting regularly in prayers. The responce was positive for the Lord answered our prayers. I thank God for the wonderful men and women of God for their prayres.

In fact nothing is ever impossible with God. We did not seize in our prayers and it was not long when the Sunday Divine worship service came into force on the 6th of July, 2008 to the glory of the Almighty God. That service was great for we saw the power of God moved mightly like never before and was awesome. Everyone was happy praising God for His manifestation.

And today, we in the fellowship are committed to fulfilling a three fold mission: Introducing the lost to Christ; Restoring broken families overcoming spiritual, emotional and physical afflictions of the enemies.