Apostle & Mrs. Agyemang.

The Man With the Plan of God


Jesus Power Ministry Int’l is a spirit filled Church, which is known for its prophetic ministry and vision. We can only achieve this vision by helping the people to grow from one level to another in the house of God.

Our ministry has a sub ministry which aims at a certain groups of people within the ministry at large by way of grouping the people in their area of interest. our aim is to help individual develope their God given abilities in our fellowship, which in turn helps the ministry to fulfill its vision for the people.

In our fellowship, we aim to help believers identify who they are in Christ. We create an end time army for our Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. We also train believers by equipping them to become a true army of Jesus Christ in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.
one of our aims also, is to identify and group the people in their area of interest by helping them develope their God given abilities in the house of God. This helps the ministry to fulfill its vision for the people.


Men MinistryWomen Ministry
Youth Ministry
Multimedia Ministry
Rescue Warriors (Prayer Towers) Ministry
Radio ( Ministry
Music (Instrumental & Vocal) Ministry
Teaching (In-depth Bible Teaching) Ministry
Welfare & Hospitality Ministry
Community (Mission & Project) Ministry
Counselling / Ministration / Communion Ministry
Evangelism (Mission & Outreach) Ministry
Healing, Deliverance & Prophecy
Water Baptism & Child Dedication
Education and Training
Visitation Ministry
Hospital Ministry

Ministries Within The Church

This ministry is the power house of the whole church. They are the spiritual backing for the church in all of our activities. They serve as spiritual cove over the ministry at large. The group is carefully and prayerfully selected out of the committed and spirit filled members of the church.

Membership is not open to all except you being called by the pastor to join.They meet once every week and are always presence in all our meetings. In times of ministration by the pastor they are there to help out in prayer and deliverance because they are well trained for that purpose in the church.

Their leaders comprise:
Prayer co-ordinator
Programme co-ordinator

This ministry in the church is in charge of the well being of the members in the ministry. They are there to see the well being of the members in times of need.

It is their duties to see the welfare of the following in the church.
Those who have giving birth
The newly marraige couple in the church
The needy people in the church
Those who are sick
And many of this issues in the house of God. For more information please contact the pastor on the contact information in the contact us page.