Youth Ministry


Apostle & Mrs. Agyemang.

The Man With the Plan of God


Youth Ministry
Our Youth Ministry comprises of vibrant future leaders of our time. They are ambitious for progress in every area of service. They are already like big brothers and sisters to our children in the Church.

They are not just commited but very dedicated to service in the Church. The zeal and fire in them as to take the Church to the next level is unquenchable. The calling of God upon their life is great.

The youth ministry of Jesus Power Ministries Int’l is such a blessing to every mother, father and even the children. Their commitment to serve and inolvement in the church activities is just woderful.

Their unstoppable, woderful activities in the Church have created legacy from the testimonies of our visitors, visiting our Church for the first time.

We thank the almighty God for blessing us with youths that see beyound their circumstances, which nothing matters to them except progress and a way forward in whatever they do.

Their spiritual fathers and mothers comprise of the following: President and Chairman | Secertry to the Treasury | Programme Co-ordinator | Prayer Co-ordinator | Pastor & his Wife.

It is the preparation ground for the ministers and committed church leaders. The ministry is there to prepare the youth to have intimate relationship with God. The youth ministry is the back bone of the church in the coming future.

Membership to the youth ministry is opened to all youth in the ministry. Who saved and identifies with the aim, objective and vision of the ministry. They must be members of the ministry and can also invite youth outside of the church to their meetings.

The youth pastor is careful and prayerful chosen by the senior pastor and selected leaders of the ministry. Their leaders comprises of, A vibrant youth pastor and assistant Prayer co-ordinator and assistant.

The youth ministry meet once every week to study the bible and have a youth service through the guidance of the senior pastor or leaders responsible for the youth ministry.